Jonas Otte: Ennui

“The piece Ennui refers to my individual processing of psychological effects of isolation. The fact that familiar activities, such as hearing live concerts, suddenly no longer took place in my life had the strongest influence on me, so that I as a composer experienced the preoccupation with myself intensely. In the composition, this is expressed in piano sounds, which occur fragmentarily or improvisationally, more or less turned towards the human voice, sometimes of vulgar character, bringing distant live situations into my own four-wall monotony.”

Jonas Otte (*2000 in Chemnitz) has been studying composition with Jörg Birkenkötter since 2018in Bremen. Besides his composition studies, he performs contemporary and classical works as pianist of EnsembleANM in Bremen. Since June 2021 he is a scholarship holder of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes.