Antje Vowinckel: Galapagos Kreuzblende

Galapagos cross-fade, sound composition for an ornithologist with real and virtual bird calls. The ornithologist Frank D. Steinheimer, head of the central magazine of the natural science collections at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, speaks about species formation in birds based on the Galapagos Islands and explains that new species can arise through hearing false chants. Little by little, the original finch recordings in the Macauly archive, which were initially only an illustrative background, evolve into musical textures. Virtual instruments take over the real birds. They become a projection surface for imaginary species and open questions.”

Antje Vowinckel is an internationally awarded radio artist, sound artist and performer based in Berlin. She works for a variety of public radio stations.  Her piece Call me yesterday has been broadcasted in sixteen countries. In recent years she has also created musical live performances, e. g. organ and objects, listen don’t speak for voice and vinyl. Prizes include: Prix Europa, Karl-Sczuka-Förderpreis, Plopp-Award, „Ferrari recouté“ (ZKM),  Ars Acoustica of RNE Madrid, Balonbabel Mexico and others.