Monika Golla: Sendung im All

Sendung im All. Sounds that the comet “Tschuri” sends into space constitute the basis of this sound collage. The European Space Agency ESA in Darmstadt makes them audible for the human ear, increased by a factor of 10,000. The comet was the first to be hit by a lander on 12 November 2014 – broadcast live from ESOC Darmstadt. Saw it.”

Monika Golla: Sound performances, acousmatic compositions, video and sound installations as well as interdisciplinary choreographies. Studied at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main and University of Design in Offenbach. Working grant from the Augsburg University Foundation, studio grant from the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, Reykjavík, artist in residence city of Horb am Neckar, nomination for the German Sound Art Prize Marl, a. o.