Dorothee Schabert: Aquae Aquarum

“On 28 July 2010, the right of access to clean water was recognized as a human right by the UN General Assembly. With how many voices water speaks: it rustles, it flows, it trickles, it patters, it drips. The transition to instrumental sounds is fluid. Water, an increasingly valuable, even threatened raw material in times of climate catastrophe. Far too large a part of the world’s population already lacks access to clean water. And unscrupulous corporations secure exclusive access to water resources as private property.”

Dorothee Schabert (*1952). Producer of classical music for SWR2 Baden-Baden; compositions for various instrumentations and voices; computer compositions – also in cooperation with artists of other genres; essays and lectures on the aesthetics of technology and music, of sound and space; awardee of Deutsche Akademie Villa Massimo, Casa Baldi Olevano 2020.