Christoph Ogiermann: LD 15 Bio Adapter Kommt drauf an was man draus macht

From the series: LebendDurchführungen (directly translated to German from “Liveperformance”), electroacoustic pieces that are improvised in the studio. LD 15 is meant as an hommage à Oswald Wiener’s Bio-Adapter, an early vision of an exo-skeleton for complete bodily satisfaction (it depends on what you do with it).

Christoph Ogiermann, born in 1967. Reciter, singer, violinist and keyboarder in the fields of improvisation and European art music. Ogiermann is artistic-director for projektgruppe neue musik bremen and REM (Rapid Ear Movement: concerts and festival of electronic music, He is a member of the collective artists association TONTO in Graz, Austria and of Stock 11. He is cofounder and member of MusicActionEnsemble KLANK ( He is also the publisher of “edition CROG”.