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Synthetic Skin
An Elastic Collision of Composition, Improvisation and Tape music

Fri 27 July 2018, 22.00
Centralstation (Saal)

Tickets (10 €) at the box office only.

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Gerald Preinfalk (Saxophone)
Yaron Deutsch (E-Guitar)
Andreas Lindenbaum (Cello)
Uli Fussenegger (Double bass)

Synthetic Skin – an elastic collision of acoustic playing and tape music. The quartet of Gerald Preinfalk (saxophone), Yaron Deutsch (electric guitar), Andreas Lindenbaum (violoncello) and Uli Fussenegger (double bass) encounters tape pieces by Jérôme Noetinger and Electric Indigo, while the piece flexibly moves between three levels and playing styles: pure tape music, composed and improvised instrumental passages, which in turn reference the tape music and, being inspired by it, evolve.

The form reflects the hermetic premise of the concept: The commissioned audiotape pieces played in full in the course of Synthetic Skin are created autonomously, without specific stipulations. They initially encounter the quartet constellation as a foreign body, which the quartet approaches over the course of the piece and makes it something familiar, without changing it. In this field that opens up between extrapolation and integration, between monolithic building block and improvisation, a flexible network of highly heterogeneous tonal qualities takes shape. The material composed by Uli Fussenegger thus acts as a kind of connective tissue between two extremes, namely the rigidity of the finished tape music and the ephemeral quality of improvisation. And although the collective material was authored by various people, the question of authorship increasingly loses significance in this process of integration.

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