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Workshop Cathy Milliken

Wayfaring: a minimalist platform for collective composition which examines the very relationship of performer to sound-makers as objects and vice versa. The focus will be on the process of making and collaborating – of weaving – to build miniatures of multi-disciplinary performances with sound makers and objects.
Reference: Tim Ingold: “The Textuality of Material”

Workshop with selection process (Call for Participation, Deadline: tba)

Tutor: Cathy Milliken
Workshop dates: tba
Workshop times: tba
Possible number of active participants: 26
Open to listeners: No
Participants: E. g. composers, instrumentalists, writers, singers, actors, speakers, performers with an interest in improvisation, music theatre and collaborative performance making (selected from the Call for Participation, Deadline: tba)
Prerequisites for participation: Some performance and making experience
Tech requirements (to be brought by participants): 

  • Devices for making and editing low fi movies and sound files, e. g. mobile phones, cassette players/recorders etc.
  • Instruments: own instruments, sound-makers, voices, bodies

How to apply: tba
Application deadline: tba


“It is not a question of imposing preconceived forms on inert matter but of intervening in the fields of force and currents of material wherein forms are generated. Practitioners, I contend, are wayfarers, whose skill lies in their ability to find the grain of the world’s becoming and to follow its course while bending it to their evolving purpose.” (from Tim Ingold: “ The Textuality of Making”)

The workshop “Wayfaring” is conceived as a minimalist process-based collaborative platform aimed at sharing, creating and transforming short but focussed reflections on how we interact with objects.

Inspired by Tim Ingold’s text “The Textuality of Making”, the emphasis of the project is on collaborating, sharing and on the process of forming multi-disciplinary responses to working with sound objects. The responses can be abstract, narrational, critical, technical, transformational, – pretty open in fact, but always with an eye on the process of making and collaborating. For this, small groups over the course of 2-3 day periods, will create short performances which can be developed, performed, transformed, performed again at Open Space or pop up performances around the Darmstadt Campus, culminating on the 28th July in a showing of the entire performances to date. There will be core scores and ideas from submitted material by the participants made available for the workshops.


Cathy Milliken will select a maximum of 26 participants.

Required documents:

  • an expression of interest to take part in the project noting experience in participatory (collaborative) projects to date and/or the reason why you would like to take part
  • Please also supply general examples of work (links to mp3/video files, repertoire, CV) to support your application.

Summer Course participants will be informed early enough where to send their application.
Application deadline: tba

If you have questions, please e-mail!

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