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31.07. – 11.08.2021

The 2021 Darmstadt Summer Course will take from 31 July to 11 August. Festival and summer academy are taking place in a hybrid format. Live concerts are shown in front of a live audience, and all concerts will be streamed as well. Access to the streams is free.


The program involves artists like Ensemble Modern, Arditti Quartet, Ensemble Pamplemousse, Ensemble Linea, Zöllner Roche Duo, Riot Ensemble, Ensemble Adapter, Ensemble Musikfabrik, Apartment House, HYOID, UFA Sextet, Neue Vocalsolisten and works by Julius Aglinskas, Ryoko Akama, Georges Aperghis, Malin Bång, Erika Bell, Louise Bourgeois, Raphaël Cendo, Chaya Czernowin, Tansy Davies, Natacha Diels, Milica Djordjević, Sara Glojnarić, Vitalija Glovackytė, Georg Friedrich Haas, Martin A. Hirsti-Kvam, Clara Iannotta, Liza Lim, Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis, Brigitta Muntendorf, Olga Neuwirth, Karola Obermüller, Hilda Paredes, Harry Partch, Enno Poppe, Elena Rykova, Rebecca Saunders, Jurga Šarapova, Elnaz Seyedi, Alvin Singleton, Oliver Thurley, Zeynep Toraman, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Myriam Van Imschoot, Jennifer Walshe, Du Yun, Darya Zvezdina and others.


We are fully committed to facilitating as much exchange as possible. But protective measures still have to be maintained, e. g. distancing, fewer people per room, masks where possible, proper ventilation, testing strategies. We are only able to host a smaller group of people here in Darmstadt.

Following the role model of many conservatories, we realize instrumental classes physically in Darmstadt and composition classes as well as the discourse program remotely. There are also some hybrid formats that combine in-person and remote teaching, like in some of the workshops for example.

No matter how many we are and where: We’ll celebrate togetherness and collaboration and great music!

Last updated: 08 August 2021
If you have questions, please e-mail!


Presented every two years by Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (IMD), the Darmstadt Summer Course is an international platform for contemporary and experimental musical practices and composition: it is summer academy, festival and discourse platform at the same time and a meeting point of composers, interpreters, performers, sound artists and scholars. Since 1946, the Darmstadt Summer Course has been aiming at bringing together strong musical and aesthetic positions, providing a framework for high-level performance and discourse, a lively international network and an inspiring experience for our participants and guests.

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